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Partners don’t have to assemble a marketing program by coordinating with multiple media outlets; with the Twins, a multitude of opportunities are available, all of them affordable and beneficial, all under one roof. A sampling of the marketing vehicles the Twins offer, both at the ballpark and in the community, includes:

Location Branding – You don’t have to be a multinational corporation to enjoy the benefits of naming an area or element of the ballpark. Having your company’s name on part of the park is a powerful way to get constant, impactful exposure, both at the ballpark and in the community. Naming sponsorship opportunities exist for areas like the ballpark courtyard, party deck, picnic areas, Kidz Zone, guest service station, and autograph booth, just to name a few. You may also want to be a presenting sponsor of a highly visible team icon like Thunder.

Signage – A captive fan base can be exposed to your brand, logo, and message for several hours every game, leaving an indelible impression on a loyal target audience. Signs range from traditional outfield billboards to other effective and affordable locations at the park.

Print – The glossy, collectible annual season yearbook will feature team, player, and league information for fans, as well as a scorecard, updated statistics, and lucky numbers, encouraging repeat purchases and effectively delivering your message. Partners may also sponsor ticket back coupons and promotional posters.

Giveaways & Promotions – If you’re looking to make a big splash both at the ballpark and throughout Texarkana, then there’s no better opportunity than a promotional night with the Twins. Put a branded giveaway item in the hands of fans as they enter the park, or bring an entertainer or ever-popular fireworks to a game.

On-Field Contests & Events – On-field contests are a staple of minor league baseball oftentimes noted in fan surveys as the most exciting or eagerly anticipated part of a game. Whether it’s a staple like the dizzy bat race or a unique promotion created just for your message, on-field contests put the attention of all our fans squarely on you. Promotions can also be tied to game events, such as a $25,000 grand slam inning or triple contest, or simply sponsoring events like pitching changes or foul balls.

Radio, PA, & Web – The Twins can efficiently market your company both in and out of the ballpark with elements like PA announcements to our captive audience and radio broadcasts of our games. The Twins can also customize a presence or promotion using the team’s web site, texarkanatwins.com, the number one resource for fans to keep up to date about Texarkana’s only sports franchise.

Tickets – Sometimes the best and most lasting way of reaching your customers is to take them to a Twins game. Season tickets can be used to entertain or reward clients; after all, a night at the ballpark can be as much a sales meeting as a night of great entertainment. A pre-game picnic is a great way to bring together clients or employees in a casual setting, saying “thank you” without all the headaches associated with so many other entertainment options.

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